October 11-November 5, 2017
Translated on Paper at ARTag gallery in Helsinki Finland. Opening Wednesday October 11th, 5-7pm.

September 15, 2017
Happy to have some new work out in the open: Fluid Dynamics and Emergent Park up at Akim Monet Side by Side Gallery.

June 5, 2017
Groupd show Computerbögen will be accompanying the open studios festival. Today finally the invites!

May 21, 2017
Heads up for ArtSpring Berlin! Open studios in Pankow, Prenzlauer Berg, and Weissensee. June 17+18, noon-8pm. I am planning to at least put up my self-portraits, and hoping for lots of good discussions. My address: Neumagener Straße 27, Atelier #1056.

April 6, 2017
Natura Mathematica opens in New York!

March 31, 2017
Poetry debut on online radio! Thank you Linda Loganathan for including me in this wonderful show: Writing on Air: WOA International.
Wonderfully warm atmosphere at the opening last night. Thank You everyone who made it to p e r s p e c t i v n a t u r!

Upcoming exhibition: p e r s p e c t i v n a t u r

During Art Week Berlin, there is a group show in my studio building in Weissensee: Opium. I have my crazy microbes painting there. There is also a program of events if you feel like a concert surrounded by art. More info on the exhibition space website: https://toscanahalle.wordpress.com/
Today is the last day to see IN WONDERLAND: a birthday exhibition for Timo Miettinen. At Salon Dahlmann. My first large Berlin park drawing is there, Fennpfuhlpark (2015):

Open Studios this weekend! Saturday April 23, noon-6pm, Sunday April 24, noon-6pm. My studio is Suite #1056.

Thanks everyone who came out to Weissensee for the opening of THE FORMLESS WORLD! Made me smile.

April 8th will be the first show with my paintings in Berlin! I will be participating in a group show with three other wonderful artists: IB JORN, KARMA, AND DORIT VOLLAND.
THE FORMLESS WORLD. Kunsthalle ECC, Neumagener str. 25, 13088 Berlin-Weissensee. Opening party April 8 starting at 7pm, Exhibition dates April 9-17, open daily 12 noon- 7 pm and by appointment.
An interview about my work came out in Sense About Science USA.
My work is featured in an article in Columbia Magazine. Really grateful to have such a wonderful story written about my art! And there is a good description in there as well about how mathematics enters my art.
Successful Studio Brunch this weekend; thank you everyone who came out to DUMBO! More photos on Facebook.

I would like to share here a poem that I wrote. In some mysterious way it relates to and describes my art practice as it stands today.


In Breath,
Out Breath.

Life opens
and reveals a crystalline form.
It has no end
It has no boundary
Yet I hold it as a finite space.
A glimpse into the infinite perhaps.

A house, roof removed,
becomes a garden
And the walls vanish
The Garden Floats in the Clouds.

There are many colors
All colors are clean
Each color is a self
No color is mixed with another
But each color reflects in the others.

There are thin strands
Like glass
Or silk
or a spiders web made three dimensional.

For the first time I can hold this form
I stretch out my arms
to cradle it
Define it in the air
Make definition to the undefinable.

A crystalline rainbow infinity.
It is vast
It is lonely
It does not fit another like a Lego block should.
It is graceful
Yet it has no poise
It invites me in

will I be the only one there?



Astronomical Art. This news post perhaps belongs in January, but I was today reminded of it. Inspired by the Science Friday interview, an organization in New Zealand put together a wonderful art+science activity for kids. The worksheet features my Star Charts paintings and incorporates various science facts that I used in my process. It is a free resource, and you can find it on the Science Alive website, in the Earth and Beyond section: Astronomical Art. Here is the link to the free resources.
Online show of the Horizons opens at The Lila Project on Artsy.

Science Friday interview posted! Please click here to access the video.

The backdrop, the painting that you see me working on, is the next installment in the Star Charts series, and one of my most ambitious paintings yet.  Below is a studio photo showing what the painting looks like today. The white stickers mark the positions of stars on a chart centered on the Kepler mission View Finder.  The bubbling colors were inspired by the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation.  Next week, these colors will be covered with white primer and the painting process will begin again. At the very end, the stickers will be removed to reveal a small random sample of this colorful background, the light from the past, the past of the painting modeling the past of the Universe.  So don't get attached to this image, it is not here to stay!

Click here to access a pdf with short descriptions of each of the finished paintings. The finished paintings are also on my website, here.